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Instructions and Help about Form Instructions 8938

Music who is required to file form 8938 specified persons okay we're getting really close to the discussion of the specified domestic entity specified persons until 2022 or if we wanted to use it to be more technical until all the text years that start after December 31st 2022 if you want to take the directly in the exact language specified persons included US citizens u.s. text residents and that of course includes all the u.s. green card holders and all the persons who satisfied the substantial presence test all the non-resident aliens who chose to declare themselves text residents for the purpose of filing a joint tax return and residents of Puerto Rico and possessions and use positions so we're talking about one house it wanted it doesn't have enough problems right now American Samoa and Northern Mariana Islands does it move does anyone see here a common threat throughout this category of five pre 2022 categories of milers anyone wants to take a guess we're talking about citizens Texas residents exactly all of them are individuals so what happened is here is that now it's no longer just individuals businesses are required to file form 8938 businesses that satisfy the requirement of specified domestic entity Music Music you.

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